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Micro Cap stocks, aka ''Penny Stocks'' are synonymous with explosive gains, everyone has heard of those incredible stories of investors making 100%, 200% or even 1000% in just a few days! Free Stock Update would like to ensure you that those stories are 100% TRUE and happen often! Penny Stocks are considered any stock trading under $5.00 and trade on the Over the Counter market known as the ''OTC''. The stocks that trade on the OTC are speculative in nature and exhibit incredible upside!
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Free Stock Update, known in the industry as FSU, prides itself on delivering the most explosive gains on the OTC. Our newsletter has some of the brightest traders in the penny stock world and they will be sharing their insight and knowledge with YOU! Once or twice a week we send a financial newsletter to our subscribers unveiling a stock that exhibits the ability to yield incredible profit potential.
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